Sous Vide Machine

Reasons to go Sous Vide (Machine)!

The name is in the air! Sous Vide Machine aiding in your kitchen, easing your work and giving a perfect output, has made most of them to buddy with the machine. Are you still wondering what’s so special about them? Well, we give you the reasons why choosing the sous style is really good for you!

For those who are completely new to this term, Sous Vide cooking is a technique of cooking food in a water bath, by wrapping them in a plastic bag completely vacuum sealed. Read further to know its goodness and how you can be benefitted from it!

Reasons and goodness in opting for Sous Cooking:

Easy Method:

When in a hurry to work, how much time can you spend cooking for the family? Really not more than 10-15 minutes in our idea. Well, with this cooking technique and machines, you just need even lesser time.

All you have to do is, add in the meat anything from the choice – pork, beef, fish etc., in a plastic pouch, and add in the seasoning. Now seal it completely, without any air. Drop this pack in the pot and place the immersion circulator, or place this in the Water Oven that you have. Set the temperature and run. Come back for a dinner or lunch, which would be rightly cooked, without burning or without undercooked. Isn’t it really easy? This type of food can’t be achieved in any other methods that we follow.

Nutrients are intact:

In the other methods of cooking, there is much nutrient lost from the food. Without the nutrients, the food is merely for our taste buds and not a healthy you! Change in for Sous vide machine and be sure of a healthy family.

Sous vide method is just like steaming or even cooking using leaf wraps, like in ancient methods. Slow cooking keeps the nutrients of the food intact. So what you get is food, rich in flavour, nutrients and rightly cooked.


This method of cooking is really not expensive at all. You get the restaurant style of beef at home. To get that burnt flavour, just toss it on a pan smeared with oil or butter.

We hope these reason are good enough to opt for Sous vide cooking!


Charities Making Clean Water a Reality

Having access to clean water is a basic human necessity and without it people encounter countless problems and diseases. Almost 1 in 10 people currently don’t have access to clean drinking water, so it’s a real global problem that needs to be tackled. Fortunately there are many excellent, philanthropic individuals and organizations that have made it their mission to help many of the world’s struggling nations get better access to clean, healthy, safe drinking water. We’ve put together a list of some of the best of those charities and a little about what they do.

This charity is devoted to putting a stop to the dirty water crisis in 3rd world countries. They run recurring campaigns aimed at helping many countries, like Uganda, get access to clean water. You can become a member of the Generous society and as a donating member you’ll get access to the latest photos and campaign information so you can really feel part of the effort to help.


Thirst Project

The primary mission of the thirst project is to educate and spread the word among students of the global water crisis so that the next generation are better equipped to solve the problem on a more longer term basis. They aim to increase awareness that many of the world’s developing countries don’t have access to a clean and safe drinking water supply.

This is the non-profit organization founded by Matt Damon and Gary White. It’s their mission to provide better water filtering infrastructure in developing countries so they have continued access to a safe water supply.


Three Avocados

This is a social enterprise that raises money to help increase clean water supplies in Africa by selling Coffee. Essentially they are a coffee company where 100% of the profit goes to a good cause. The company sources its coffee fairly from local Ugandan coffee farmers and then uses the profit from selling the coffee to reinvest back into water related projects in Uganda.