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July 2017

Bagd and All

Tips To Remember While Buying Used Designer Bags

Recently I got my designer bag shipped from here. This is the first time I purchased a used designer bag. Here are some of the factors that helped me choose the best one and ensure that I get the best deal for the money.

Do a lot of research:

When I say research, I mean research about the brand itself and the various popular bags in it. Getting to know the brand would help narrow down your choices. Though you would find a wide variety of bags in each brand, the signature style of a brand is easily recognizable. Choose on that suits your style. Knowing the various popular bags in each brand would make sure that you know which ones would be really worth purchasing.

Do some pricing analysis:

Most people buy used bags for two main reasons. One reason is if the bag is a limited edition collection which is hard to get. The other most common reason is that used bags are cheaper than the new version of the same bag. But how do you know that you are paying the right amount and that the bag is a value pick? Get to know the actual selling price of the bag offered by the manufacturer. You might be able to find the genuine pricing pattern mostly from the manufacturer’s website. Check the price offered for the bag in the trusted ecommerce sites. If you find an online store selling a new bag at a price close to the used bag, then a new one would be a better choice as the new one comes with a better resale value.

Besides studying about the various trends in the market, also look for those that are timeless. Not all current trends would stay on demand in the coming years. But some of the iconic bags never go out of trend. This is why these would be better choices than new trends on the market.

Pet's Care

Remedies To Deal With Anxious Dogs

Having a pet at home itself is a great responsibility as big as looking after a small child. Like the trying times when kids are sick or unwell, we need to take extra care, it is similar or much more stressful when your pet is unwell or anxious. Many a time dogs do feel nervous or anxious and they need to be taken care of using remedies that may bring them some relief and make them calm.

Why do dogs feel anxious?

Anxiety or nervousness in dogs happens due to a variety of reasons. Some of them are situations and others due to the dog’s personal traits.  There are a few dogs who have an innate personality peculiarity of being nervous or being afraid.

This is expressed in the form of constant whining or barking. excessive licking or just wildly chewing up everything that comes within its sight.

How can you help reduce it?

Just like any other kind of phobia or fear even anxiety in dogs can be relieved with the help of soothing touch, training, conditioning and positive reinforcement. Simply helping them calm down by using any of these strategies will make your dog feel much better. Along with these techniques, there are a few other remedies of which at least some will work to keep your pet anxiety-free and happy.


  • Physical activity

Take your dog out for and nice long run and make him get exhausted. Exercise is a great stress buster even in dogs.

  • Distraction from the source causing anxiety

If you know your dog gets depressed when he is alone at home, or he doesn’t like certain people or objects, just simply get him away from there.

  • Nice relaxing massage

Nothing better than a nice soothing massage session for your pet to make him less anxious.

  • Calming Music

Soulful music does wonders for dogs as much as it does for humans.

  • Therapeutic Aids

There are certain aids like anxiety patches available which can ease anxiety and stress in pets. Help your dog with this patch and let him be anxiety free.