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September 2017

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I Love Shopping For My Home

B1800             1          I Love Shopping For My Home

I work full time:

Yes, I am an attorney and I am passionate about practice. But there is one more thing that I am extremely passionate about and equally if not more is my housekeeping! Surprised? You may wonder how is it even possible to be passionate about two things that are opposite sides of the spectrum. They never intersect you may think. Well, not for me.

Because, keeping my home well is also an extension of the person that I am in the bar and in the courts. It is a well established fact that more organized one is with their space and the living space in particular; the more efficient they will be at their workplace. This fact has been particularly true for me.

When I know my home is organized and waiting for me I am more relaxed when at work. Of course, it is a conscious decision to be able to give both of my interests enough time and sometimes I do get overwhelmed with having too much to bite. But believe me in the end it is only satisfaction and bliss!

Where do I shop?

With work keeping me busy all through the year, it is obvious that I do only online shopping. There are only a few stores that I have experienced great shopping and I see to it that I stick to them because I have trust issues with the others. You can tell which online stores work for you based on the kind of experiences that you have while shopping with them.

My furniture is handpicked at physical stores because it is the core of my décor. But my furnishings are all bought from the internet sites that I regular. I browse these online stores often and whenever I see something that can go well with my interiors I place and order. The internet is the place I found all my soft furnishings.

Advertising Agency

The New Age Advertising Media

                                                The New Age Advertising Media

The advertising media has come a long way. The new age advertisements are very much different than the traditional one.Few decades back, advertising dollars were of mainly two types working and non-working dollars. Companies would spend on the working dollar because of the impressions that they would get for their ad. But the advertising agencies received not more than 20% of the budget meant for advertising. But with the internet coming into picture, traditional advertising meets the new age by providing both the non-working dollar and working dollar through social media marketing, development of website etc.

Nowadays, the new age advertising media can be classified into three groups, owned, paid and earned media.

  • In case of owned media, branded keywords are used. Say for example, when a person types the name of your company in a search engine and they find the official website, then it is considered as an owned media.Even by typing the website name in the address bar, people visit your website.
  • Paid media is the most popular source of advertising which comprises of radio commercials, TV commercials etc. Even Facebookadvertising and Google Ad Words are a source of paid media.
  • Earned media is the newest source of advertising. For an instance, if you create a blog post and it is shared by someone on a social media platform. This is seen by people who follow the person in such platform and views your website which is called an earned media because you have not paid a single penny for this. It was just that someone shared your post recommending it to his friends. Even if someone writes a review about your website on some platform, people might read it and visit your webpage. Again in this situation, you did not have to make any payment for the review.


Mut Coins

Buying Madden Coins

Buying Madden Coins

If you want to buy Madden coins, you ought to find a way that is safe, reliable and effective without your account and username getting tracked in the process. You would be glad to know that there are websites from where you can buy these coins by following a few simple steps.

Where should you begin?

  1. The first step is to choose the console that you want to buy the Madden coins for.
  2. The second step is to choose the number of coins that you would like to buy.
  3. The third step is to fill out an easy form that will help the webiste to understand the specific players you intend to sell to earn the coins.
  4. The final step is to proceed through the checkout page and once you place your order, the coins will be added to your account right away.

The guarantee of safety

Owing to the fact that the coins are added in batches, there should be no problem in keeping your account safe. To make your account safer, there are delivery speed options that only a handful of websites will offer. While other websites will sell you 100k coins but will only ask you to post one silver, one bronze and one gold card in return of 100k, the reliable websites will never do any such thing. They will never put your account at risk and they will value your Madden Ultimate Team account by keeping your information safe and confidential.

Time is very valuable when you play the Madden Ultimate Time. This is precisely why you need to buy coins that will help you to purchase the excat number of players and form a team of your liking as fast as you can. It is much more logical than waiting patiently to earn your way through the game because that can literally take ages.


1.Find The Best Parkour Shoes


If you are an athlete, you will definitely know about the importance of shoes. A shoe with least comfort will not make you perform well in sports. This is why many prefer parkour shoes for their athletic activities. A Parkour shoe has got unique features that make it perfect for athletes.

  • Parkour shoes are made of a material that absorbs moisture easily.
  • They have rubber soles that provide greater comfort in slippery and rocky areas.
  • The outer soles made of rubber provides great grip.
  • These shoes have cushion foot to provide comfort and softness.
  • The material of the shoes is such that they are breathable and let your foot relax.
  • They are comfortable whether you cross any obstacles or do running, jumping or climbing

There are various brands that manufacture parkour shoes. Here are two of the best parkour shoes reviewed by experts 

Vivobarefoot stealth:

These type of shoe is good for running. The important features of this branded parkour shoe is that

They have a thin sole which makes it comfortable for the performance.

These are of light weight which makes them easy for the performance and does not cause injuries.

Vivobarefoot stealth parkour is made of puncture resistant soles which give confidence for the players to perform well in their activity.

Puma faas 500

This is the most popular brand and most of the athletes prefer it. The special features that come with this type of branded parkour shoes are

They provide excellent grip on all surfaces which indirectly raises the confidence level of the players.

They are known for its durability and flexibility.

The single piece foam sole makes it light and provides cushioning for the feet. The foam cushion provides a Natural feel and provides comfort.

There are also other good parkour shoes, read reviews and find one that is suitable for you and also fits your budget.