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Banish Those Panty Lines During Yoga Time


Have you ever noticed how that beautiful snug fitting skirt, you have been waiting all month to wear to that party looked great on you and you came back home and realized you had a visible panty line all along? Have you seen how that well fitting pant was ruined by those small visible outlines of your panty?

Apart from ruining a good fashion moment, it is very embarrassing too. The lines are clear enough to tell the world what type of underwear you are wearing inside. So how do you get rid of these embarrassing tell tale lines? Here are a few tips:

Thick Fabric – Wear clothes of a thick fabric when you opt for a snug fit. When the fabric is thick, the line will not be visible prominently.

Textured Fabric – If you can’t wear something thick, then wear a textured fabric, as this will cover the lines.

Prints – Go for prints on your bottom wear. This will camouflage the panty line

Tights/Pantyhose – Wear tights or panty hose over your underwear to hide the panty line. These will help smooth out the lines if any and give a seamless appearance.

Slip – Though old school, it can be very effective in hiding those embarrassing lines under a dress

Style – Go in for those panties that were made for such clothes. The best underwear for yoga pants is what does not have any panty lines. Be it a skirt or a pant, a G-string is the most suitable underwear if you want to avoid layering fabrics or showing those lines.

Boy Shorts – These are another model of underwear that can banish the panty lines. However, with a snug fit pant, one has to look out for the lines where the shorts end too. Go for one without any frills or elastic at the bottom, no panty lines should be visible.