Natural smile with dentures needs your care. Dentures definitely improve your appearance and they actually depend on you for their appearance.

Start from selection to storing and cleaning

For a denture to completely create the natural smile, its selection plays the most crucial role. The right denture should

  • Resemble your natural teeth
  • Fit accurately into the jawline
  • Have the correct height for the normal appearance of the face

The material of making dentures should be such that they make a perfect artificial lining in your mouth, also being durable.

Storage: Your dentures are not any simple tool or device to be left out in the open. They should be given as much care as you give to your contact eye lenses. Store them in a solution of sterile liquid. Keeping it out in the dry will warp them and will not fit the next time when you try to use.

Avoid storing them long-term: Even if they are made from durable material, the dentures can become brittle and susceptible to breakage with time. Keeping a backup denture stored for a long time, even after a year may not do much good as your mouth also keeps changing while wearing dentures.

Using back up denture: after a long period of storing, if you go in search of your backup denture, you might be disappointed. Take it to the dentist and get them relined. Also, remember to reline the backup denture every time you reline primary one.

These simple practices will maintain the appearance of your dentures:

Daily denture cleaning: Take out the denture from the mouth. Handle it gently while cleaning and brush it after soaking with a non-abrasive cleanser, soap or hand wash to remove particles of food or plaques. Make sure that there is no denture adhesive on it by cleaning the grooves fitting into the grooves. You can take the help of the best ultrasonic denture cleaner for efficient cleaning.

Oral hygiene: Rinsing and cleaning the mouth with the denture and by removing it after every meal is essential. Avoid whitening toothpaste as they tend to contain abrasive ingredients. Using hot water and very hot food can warp your denture.

Soak overnight: Soak the denture in water or suitable soaking solution during the night as instructed by the manufacturer or dentist. Rinse it well while using the next morning.

Regular dental check-up: Follow-ups and visits to be scheduled regularly on time for examination and cleaning.