The New Age Advertising Media

The advertising media has come a long way. The new age advertisements are very much different than the traditional one.Few decades back, advertising dollars were of mainly two types working and non-working dollars. Companies would spend on the working dollar because of the impressions that they would get for their ad. But the advertising agencies received not more than 20% of the budget meant for advertising. But with the internet coming into picture, traditional advertising meets the new age by providing both the non-working dollar and working dollar through social media marketing, development of website etc.

Nowadays, the new age advertising media can be classified into three groups, owned, paid and earned media.

  • In case of owned media, branded keywords are used. Say for example, when a person types the name of your company in a search engine and they find the official website, then it is considered as an owned media.Even by typing the website name in the address bar, people visit your website.
  • Paid media is the most popular source of advertising which comprises of radio commercials, TV commercials etc. Even Facebookadvertising and Google Ad Words are a source of paid media.
  • Earned media is the newest source of advertising. For an instance, if you create a blog post and it is shared by someone on a social media platform. This is seen by people who follow the person in such platform and views your website which is called an earned media because you have not paid a single penny for this. It was just that someone shared your post recommending it to his friends. Even if someone writes a review about your website on some platform, people might read it and visit your webpage. Again in this situation, you did not have to make any payment for the review.